Arvest Joplin Spotlights Employer Advantage

Thursday, July 28 at 02:29 PM
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Arvest Joplin is proud of the relationship it has with one of the area’s largest providers of employment services.  Employer Advantage has been serving clients in the four state area for 21 years.  Employer Advantage decreases a business owner’s burden by handling everyday administrative functions such as payroll processing, human resources, benefits administration, workers compensation and risk management.  As one size does not fit all in terms of business entities, their unique service model is based on individuals.  Employer Advantage helps businesses focus on their individual profit center and concentrate on what they are in business to do.

“We are one of the best kept secrets in the area,” said Employer Advantage President Lee Allphin.  “Employer Advantage is a stress reliever for many businesses.  By using combined resources, the business community is benefited greatly by valuable expertise at a fraction of the cost it would take to have all these experts in their own business.” 

Arvest Bank’s Cash Management System has allowed Employer Advantage to monitor and reconcile their cash accounts and accounts receivable on a daily basis. Arvest’s Purchasing Cards eliminate paper checks and help better control their business costs.  Employer Advantage provides a great service to the community and has been a customer of the bank since they opened their first Joplin branch in 1998!  Arvest Bank looks forward to helping them continue to thrive for years to come.     

If you have been an Arvest business customer for more than five years and would like the opportunity to be one of our 50th Anniversary Business Spotlight Stories, please contact us at or speak to your business banker.


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Janice on 8/5/2011 at 10:45 AM

I've worked for Employer Advantage for 16 years and banked with Arvest for 11 years.  You might say "I have the BEST of both worlds!!!"  :-)

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